Returning Goods

Every product purchased in our shop can be returned without giving any reason within 30 days of its receipt. If the selected product does not suit you for some reason or you have changed your mind, you may of course return it or exchange for another one. We will either give you a refund for the product or you may choose a different one and the price difference will be mutually settled. In case of exchange of goods, the delivery is free. Here, you will learn the procedure and terms of withdrawal from the purchase contract or the exchange of goods. We can also customize your product to your satisfaction. In any case, we will meet your demands, whatever your choice may be.

Terms of Withdrawal within 30 Days

If you wish to withdraw from the purchase contract or exchange your goods, you must notify us about this fact within 30 days of the receipt. The goods must be unused and clean, only tried out without signs of damage and in the original packaging and in the complete state, including the components that were part of the package. Withdrawal from the purchase contract notified after the 30th day after the receipt of the goods will not be accepted.

The goods may be used to determine their nature and properties; however, it should not be obviously worn out. It is necessary to consider the costs incurred to us by restoring the goods to the original state, which we are entitled to unilaterally offset against your claim for the refund of the purchase price. You will avoid these charges if you restore the goods to the original state yourself – cleaning, completing, proper packaging, etc. Please note that the buyer bears the direct cost of returning the goods to our address. In the case of a replacement of the goods, sending of the replacement to the customer’s address is free of charge!

Return Instructions

Please read our "Instructions on the Right of Withdrawal" carefully before returning and then contact us about the return or replacement at or call (+420) 792 35 33 10 within 30 days of the receipt of the goods – have your order number ready. We will then send you an information email about the receipt of the request with the instructions for withdrawal or replacement of goods and a form to fill in.

For easy handling, we have prepared this interactive "Withdrawal Form" for you. By completing it, you will make the whole process easier. You may send the form electronically to, or printed together with your package. It is advisable to attach a proof of purchase of goods, such as a copy of the invoice. Pack the goods thoroughly and send as a recorded delivery. Do not send it as a cash on delivery, it will not be accepted.

Send the package to: NORVELY, Matej Bystron, Sloupno 28, 583 01, Czech Republic

Once we receive the returned goods and check it, we will refund the money or replace the goods upon request. Funds will not be refunded before the returned goods arrive. The buyer bears the direct cost of returning the goods to our address.

Recommended Procedure for Registered Customers

Registered customers are offered an easy way to return or exchange goods directly in their "User Account" with a complete overview of the process.

In your user account in the "Orders" section, click on the "DETAILS" button of the order. Select the product in the product table and enter the quantity you want to return. Under the heading "MERCHANDISE RETURN", enter the reason for the return and press "MAKE AN RMA SLIP". Afterwards, we will receive information that you wish to return goods. When we confirm the request, you will receive an email with a notification of the receipt of a return request. In the section "MERCHANDISE RETURNS", you can see your return status. You can also find “Interactive Form” for download here. This procedure is not mandatory.

Free Exchange of Goods

Withdrawal from the contract by way of exchange of goods.

The second option is to withdraw from the contract by exchanging for other goods. If your selected product does not suit you, you can of course easily exchange it for another one. The procedure is the same as with the return of goods. You will choose a different product in exchange of the returned product and the price difference will be mutually settled. Simply enter the code of the product you wish to exchange your goods for into the form. In case of exchange of goods, we will send you another at no cost. So you don’t pay any postage. Free exchange of goods cannot be used repeatedly. Every customer is only entitled to one free replacement of goods. If you do not make use of this option, we can customize your product. Our main desire is your satisfaction.

For more information, please refer to "Terms & Conditions" and "Instructions on the Right of Withdrawal".

Interactive "Withdrawal Form" for download.