Bracelet on request

Did not you find the right bracelet? We will make it to you. We produce handmade bracelets in the Czech Republic and as direct producers we can create a bracelet according to your ideas.

Make your own design

Do you have a fancy idea and want to realize it?

If you want your own bracelet design, you can contact us. We will produce a customized bracelet or necklace. It's all about your imagination. Just tell us which combination of stones and components you are interested in and what size you want. Send your ideas to or use our "contact form". We will be happy to make you a bracelet.

What do we do for you?

  • Do you want your unique bracelet, which will be your own style?
  • Would you like to wrap the bracelet around your hand more than once?
  • How about a necklace from your favorite bracelet?
  • We will also modify the bracelet from our store according to you - we will replace stones and components.

For us, it is not a problem to make a unique jewelry for you.

How will it go all the way?

Think of your jewel

Think about what stones and components you want, how big the beads are and what size the bracelet or necklace is to be. You can choose from the stones and components you see on our e-shop. For a list of stones and their meaning, see the page "Stones & Minerals". If you are interested in stones that are not in our offer, it is necessary to count on longer production time.

Contact us

You can write to us by email or via the "contact form". If it is a small modification of the existing bracelet from our offer, it is sufficient if you write your idea in the order note. Try to describe your jewelry best. In what order the beads and components are to be, or whether to leave the appearance of the bracelet to us.

What is the price for a customized bracelet?

The price of the bracelet depends on beads and components, including work spent over it. Every bracelet from our offer is made by hand in our shop only according to the order of the customer and therefore there is no price difference between the custom bracelet and the finished bracelet from our collection. We will inform you about the price of the bracelet before it is produced.

How long does it take to have finished bracelet on my hand?

The production is the same as the collection bracelet. This usually takes 1-2 days. It may happen, however, that the required beads or components are not in stock. In that case we will inform you about the delivery time.

What is the guarantee for a custom bracelet?

It is the same as for every one of our products - 2 years. We do not distinguish between a collection bracelet and a custom-made bracelet.

We produce bracelets every day and it is not a problem to create a custom-made bracelet.

Do not be afraid to "contact us without obligation".