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After shopping in our store, check each product carefully. Once you find any defect in your product, you must inform us at once.

Instructions for Handling a Complaint

If you find a defect in the purchased goods, proceed as follows:

Please read our "Complaints Rules" carefully before making a complaint, then contact us at or call (+420) 792 35 33 10 – have your order number ready. We will then send you an email about receiving the complaint with the instructions and the necessary documents.

For easy handling, we have prepared this interactive "Complaints Record Form" for you. By completing it, you will make the whole process easier. You may send the form electronically to, or printed together with your package. It is advisable to attach a proof of purchase of goods, such as a copy of the invoice. Pack the goods thoroughly and send as a recorded delivery. Do not send it as a cash on delivery, it will not be accepted.

Send the package to: NORVELY, Matej Bystron, Sloupno 28, 583 01, Czech Republic

The goods will be accepted for complaints procedure under the following conditions:

1. When applying the rights from defects liability, it is advisable to attach a proof of purchase of the goods or an invoice (if issued), or another document proving the purchase of the goods.
2. Goods will be handed over to the vendor for a complaints procedure complete in the original packaging or packaging that will adequately protect the goods during the transport (the customer is responsible for this packaging) at the expense of the customer.
3. Goods must not be mechanically damaged by the customer. Customer attempts to repair goods are inadmissible and may be regarded as an unwarranted complaint!
4. The vendor undertakes to settle the complaint in the favour of the customer within the shortest possible time, but no longer than 30 days from the receipt. If the customer delivers incomplete goods for the complaint, the vendor reserves the right to extend this period.
5. The complainant acknowledges and agrees that they may be charged for the costs associated with an unwarranted claim.

How will a complaint be handled?

We will do the repair or replacement of the bracelet for a new one immediately and without unnecessary delays, no later than 30 calendar days of the acceptance of the complaint. We will repair the bracelet or we will make a new one, alternatively we will give you a refund. Once everything is in order, we will send it back to your address. If necessary, we will inform you by email or by phone. In very rare cases, it may happen that, for example, a defective bead is not available in our workshop. In that case, we will offer you an alternative or we will refund you immediately. Your satisfaction is very important to us. We want the bracelets to serve for a long time and make you, the wearer, as happy as possible.

Warranty Terms

For each of our products, there is a two-year warranty from the date of sale of the product to the end user. Entitlement to the warranty applies in accordance with the applicable Civil Code. The warranty covers only defects caused by material defects or production defects. Entitlement to the warranty expires if the defect is caused by mechanical damage, thoughtless or improper use, or tampering by unauthorized persons or firms. The warranty also does not apply to parts subject to normal wear and tear and parts showing excessive wear due to improper use of the product. Complaints will be settled without undue delay no later than 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint. Please, bear in mind, that you may be charged for the costs associated with an unwarranted claim.

Rights from Defective Performance

Your rights from a defective performance are governed by applicable generally binding legal regulations (in particular the provisions of Sections § 1914 to 1925, Sections § 2099 to 2117, and Sections § 2158 to 2174 of the Civil Code). When applying the rights from a defective performance, we will proceed in accordance with our Complaints Rules. Before submitting a complaint, you should thoroughly familiarise yourself with the Complaints Rules so that the complaint can be settled as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction.

For more information, please refer to "Terms & Conditions" and "Complaints Rules".

Interactive "Complaints Record Form" for download.