Our Story

NORVELY® brand was established in 2013 in the Czech Republic with a focus on the production of unique bracelets, whose main advantage is unique design and careful manufacturing. The whole concept, from original designs, to production itself, is created by Matěj Bystroň, who has several years of experience in designing and making jewelry from different types of materials. With love for the traditions and also with the interest in modern design, he began to create a brand in the form of original jewelery, made mainly of natural materials and precious stones. Each bead was carefully designed and the design of the jewelry made in his hands.

The main goal of the brand is the quality and excellence of all its products, and primarily, a clear emphasis is put on the precise production of the entire assortment. The NORVELY® brand went for a clear goal. Give customers unique jewels that are original in every way and reflecting exceptional quality and dutiful manual work. We use the highest quality materials from which we manually create our products. Main element are silver beads with a purity of 925/1000. Other beads are made of natural stones and minerals, which are known for their positive effects. Bracelets are hand tied and then checked for strength and overall durability. We carefully select our suppliers and thoroughly test the quality of the components so that the basis of the bracelet is not just its appearance but also its quality. The bracelets are designed for everyday wear and must be durable and resilient. The entire production process completes their placement in an elegant box, where they set off on a journey to the customer.

We make the bracelets with our heart. From design to production. We really care about the look, so we think carefully about how to make each bracelet. The design of each bracelet is therefore our unique pattern that gives NORVELY® its distinctive style and original design.

Every stone has its meaning. That is why we tell, which stones are used for production of each bracelet. Our products express symbolism derived from old Eastern philosophies, connected with craft and using the principles of Scandinavian design. Their basic design comes from shamballa style. This interesting style originates from Asia, where old Tibetans believed in the magic and healing power of their jewels. Different types of materials hide the spiritual dimension and every piece of jewelry from our offer tells about its owner. All used components, stones and minerals come from quality and trusted sources. And although the material we use comes from the corners of the world, we manufacture ourselves in the Czech Republic.

Matěj Bystroň

"Production is for us not only a work but also a hobby, and every product that goes to our customer is carefully manufactured and checked. We wish you to be satisfied with our products as much as possible. As direct producers, we can provide you professional care and as one of the few we repair bracelets purchased in our store. NORVELY® bracelets are designed for anyone who likes natural materials and modern design. They will become your accessories and faithful talisman."

Matěj Bystroň

Founder of NORVELY®