Repairs of Bracelets

Every customer is entitled to one FREE repair.

We will repair your bracelet to make it look new again. We will shorten or lengthen a bracelet. We will also help you with the repair of a bracelet or damaged parts and also if you lose components. You do not risk with our shop. You are buying quality from us, everything included. As one of the few, we repair bracelets purchased in our shop. If any bracelet damage occurs, send it to the address on the website.

We perform these repairs

Change of size

Is the size of your bracelet not the right one for you? Do not despair. If you find out that you have ordered wrong size after the purchase and you need to shorten or lengthen the bracelet, we are here for you. It may happen that your bracelet does not suit you. We will personalize your bracelet to suit your wishes. We adjust the bracelets to a size of 21 cm, then an individual pricing of the bracelet is needed, due to the higher number of beads used.

Repair of a damaged bracelet

We understand that you will want to wear your bracelet very often, and it can easily happen that you scratch, break or otherwise damage the bracelet by accident. Repairing the damaged parts or the whole bracelet is usually very difficult and in most cases virtually impossible without the bracelet being made again. Torn bracelet can be repaired only if there is no mechanical damage or loss of the beads and other components. In such case, we will inform you about the possibilities of repair. Of course, it is also possible to replace the damaged or lost beads, as well as the string. The price then depends on the number of adjustments made and the price of the material.

Cleaning and polishing of beads

Silver is a soft metal and beads can be easily scraped or scratched with sharp objects. We will polish the beads flawlessly in our workshop, remove dirt, replace the string and make the bracelet anew. If you wish to clean your bracelet perfectly and know that you cannot do it yourself, send it to our address with a detailed description and a copy of the proof of purchase. We will clean and polish your bracelet to make it look new again. You will receive all the information about care and cleaning together with the jewellery. The packaging contains a user manual, where everything is explained in detail. We also think of the right and quality care of the jewellery. That is why maintenance will be easy and fast for you. With your bracelet, you will also receive a special impregnated silver-cleaning cloth and a microfiber polishing cloth. So you do not have to worry about wearing your bracelet out.

Tailored-made bracelets

We produce each bracelet in our workshop and therefore we can customize the bracelet to suit you. It is also possible to replace some stones or components with others. It is all about your imagination. If you wish to, write or call us, we will be happy to discuss the details with you. Learn more in section "Bracelet on request".

How will the repair be done?

Inform us:

Before you send the bracelet to us, please first inform us about the intention to repair or resize it at or by phone at (+420) 792 35 33 10. Have your order number ready.

Send it to us:

Once we get to know your wish, you can send us the goods. Be sure to include a copy of your proof of purchase. Pack the goods thoroughly and send it to our address with a detailed description of how exactly you want to adjust the bracelet. For example, “I need to add or remove a bead” or “adjust the size of the bracelet to 20 cm”. In case of adding components, specify the components you are interested in. We will try to oblige you as much as possible. Send the product as a recorded delivery. Do not send it as a cash on delivery – it will not be accepted.

Repairing a bracelet:

According to your wish, we will adjust the bracelet or repair and polish it by the extent of the damage.

How long will the repair take?

We will first inform you about each step and wait for your approval. Repair of a bracelet is quick in most cases. We can send it back on the day of receipt. However, it will be sent within 7 days from the receipt at the latest.


The price of the repair depends on the number of modifications made and the price of the material. Every customer is entitled to one free repair only at the cost of postage – it concerns the work spent on the bracelet, which we will do free of charge. However, if some parts need to be replaced, the cost of the repair depends on the number of adjustments made, namely adding or replacing damaged components with new ones, replacing the string, loss of the beads, etc. If you only need to shorten the bracelet, you only pay for shipping. If it is an extension of the bracelet, the price depends on the number of beads added + postage. When ordering a custom-made bracelet, the price is individual and you will always find out in advance. In all the above cases, costs must be paid in advance.

Not sure? Contact us.

The main desire of NORVELY® is your satisfaction. You have put your trust in us by buying from us and we will be happy to return the favour.